Bohumír Zámečník

How do things work? Ever since 1987 I’ve fallen in love with thinking about it. That’s how I became a »digital craftsman«.

After a life-time blessing and curse kiss by the first computer in 1993, after learning to think during a Computer Science MSc. at Charles University and after getting in touch with freedom at work with wonderful people at Etnetera I realized I’m neither a narrowly specialized software engineer, nor I don’t want to be one.

I day-dream a lot and I believe that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. What defines me is embracing a wide spectrum of tools and interests that allow to envision a bigger picture. Then I’ve realized that most important problem is to learn what the problem is. The rest are implementation details.

I love music. Both sharing the emotions with other people and discovering the gorgeous math theory behind. For the like visually-thinking people I’m crafting an application that lets you utilize your eyes to see the harmony in music you’re listening to, all the chords an tones, without clutter.

Do you know you can photograph just with your eyes? Just look around you and see! The only drawback is that you couldn’t share what you see in your mind with other people. Well, the other is that you couldn’t be a camera junkie

Get in touch, I don’t bite :).

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