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My First Handmade Bushcraft Knife


Everyone can make their own knife. Even a programmer with no previous experience in crafting wood and metal. It is the very basic tool useful in many situations. And if you dedicate it your love and passion it will serve you along time and make you happy evertime you use it. Here's how I hand-made my first bushcraft knife for almost $0 from an old saw blade, juniper wood and a welding electrode.

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Let's Share The Ideas With The World!

What's better? A stream of brilliant ideas rotting in a shelf or one great idea living its own life beyond the author imagination and helping many other people? Have you ever considered what will remain after you pass away? I've thought a bit about those questions and guess what I realized.

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Scandinavia Road Trip - den 24.

Německo, Česko. Výlet Lužicí, zaprášené pošprechtění s šéfovou od lahváčů, odkud pochází starý objektiv?, vyprahlá nádrž, vojenská jatka před staletími, jak chutná Míša s Birellem?, poskákán a oblízán od Růženky.

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