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Poland - Kraków

Tranquillity in Poland - Jewish heritage, klezmer, Wawel castle, PianoMad campaign, little busker, first remote job offer, too spicy lamb, sunny afternoon on a boat, MIDI synthesis, almost missed bus.

A carriage on Main square in Krakow

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My Digital Nomad Story

I've decided to work while traveling and I've already made the first necessary steps. Here's my motivation and how I'm proceeding. Since a lot of people wanted to hear from me I'd like to share the thoughts and stories from the journey.

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How to make STL with SVG logo and text in OpenSCAD

We'll see how to create an STL model of a stylized filament reel with a logo from SVG and some text without clicking the mouse. Yes we'll write it procedurally in OpenSCAD, use templating and automate the whole thing. We'll see how OpenSCAD is a really natural tool for programmer and it very easy to start playing with and get impressive results.

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HarmonEye: hard-won experience after three years of my life

In this article I'd like to summarize lessons learned during three years of development of software for music analysis, visualization and machine learning and of my life. You can find a lot of experience and advice not to repeat the mistakes I did.

The goal: see what you hear in music. When you think you're genius and can do all features at once, stop... It's a trap! Go by small steps and get much further.

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How to make a Hive UDF with conflicting Guava

If you're using Hive sooner or later you'll need to create user defined functions (UDFs). Chances are such a function would use a code that depends on the Guava library. And it is not that unlikely that the required Guava version would be newer than Hive's. Then you're running into a trouble. Hopefully this article save you much of the pain I had to suffer to make it working. Let's make a simple UDF and fix it using both maven and gradle.

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